The purpose of this association is to establish a scientific cooperation and to provide for continuing training of European orthopaedic surgeons specialized in surgery of the shoulder and elbow in order to contribute to the development of the physiological, pathological and therapeutic study of those joints.


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Presidential letter December 2018


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SECEC/ESSSE Closed Meeting 2019

Save the date!


The Elbow course and SECEC-ESSSE Closed Meeting will take place in Copenhagen (DK) August 30.-September 1., 2019.

The abstract submission ends by the end of February!



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SECEC Committees - Activity reports


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Fondation Philippe Hardy


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Registry Committee Newsletter

Dear SECEC Member,

The Register Committee wants to know members opinions and queries to improve the data delivered by the National Registers and also to add new research paths for the Registers.

The Registry Committee needs your help gathering information in order to further inform and develop the content and reports of national joint arthroplasty registries.

We are also planning an ICL proposal for the upcoming SECEC meeting in Geneva. To help us & help you we would be grateful if you could complete this quick survey (Click here to see the form)

Many thanks for your kind cooperation,

Carlos Torrens, Chairman of the Registry Committee


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ICSES 2019

14° International Congress of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery

Buenos Aires, Argentina September 17 to 20


ICSES 2019: "In search of consensus"

ICSES have been triennial meeting since 1980, sharing knowledge and experience of orthopaedic surgeons dedicated to shoulder and elbow surgery. ICSES will be organized for the first time in a Spanish speaking country and will be an excellent opportunity to share and learn the latest trends and knowledge with surgeons from all over the world.




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EFORT 2020 - Vienna (Austria)

Dear Members


In the year 2020, the 21st EFORT Congress will take place in Vienna, Austria from 10 - 12 June.

Any member can submit a proposal by creating an account (if you are already registered to EFORT you can use your username and password).

You can submit your proposal through the following link:

The proposal platform facilitates to directly choose topics and format of the session.

Remember deadline for submitting proposals is Friday 4 of January 2019!!



Carlos Torrens

SECEC Scientific Advisor within the EFFORT Science Committee


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