The 12 Best Pre Workout Supplements You MUST Try Out

You want to make sure that you’re able to push yourself to the limit during a workout. Doing so will help increase lean muscle mass, strength, and performance.

This is where pre workout supplements step in. They are great for taking your intensity and performance to the next level. 

But, there are a lot of different products on the market and it’s difficult to choose the best pre workout for you if you aren’t familiar with them. Every product is different and you want to make sure the one that you’re buying suits your goals and needs.

We’ve put together a list of the 12 best pre workout supplements on the market right now. They are by far the best-formulated products available for those that are looking to take working out to the next level.

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A Pre workout is a dietary supplement that is taken before a workout to give you a performance boost. They usually contain a wide variety of ingredients such as vitamins and stimulants. These ingredients are responsible for the increase in energy, pump, focus and strength.

Best Pre Workout Supplements

Personally, I am a big fan of using pre-workouts. I’ll use them once or twice a week when I’m feeling low on energy yet still want to get in a good workout.

For me, it’s very important to be able to break down as many muscle fibers as possible during a workout.  With the help of these products, I am able to do that and increase muscle growth.

Especially when you’ve hit a plateau in your training, a good supplement can help you break through it.

I’ve probably used over 50 different pre-workouts and know exactly which are effective and which aren’t. 

I won’t keep you waiting any longer, time to show you what the 12 best pre workout supplements of 2020 are!

Top 12 Best Pre Workout Supplements For Men

All of the products mentioned have been thorougly researched. This list was put together based on various criteria.

We’ve taken formula, user reviews, ingredients and personal experiences into consideration when choosing these pre workouts.

1. Wrecked

Based on our research, experience, and testing we’ve come to the conclusion that Wrecked by Huge Nutrition is currently the best pre workout supplement on the market.

The reason why it has taken the first spot on our list of best pre workout supplements is that it contains nearly 20 different ingredients. 

With just one scoop of Wrecked, you’ll be able to get in a great workout. For me, it’s essential to train with high intensity and this product helps me do so.

What I like most about this product is that it greatly enhances your energy and muscle pumps. You’ll be able to give your everything when hitting the weights, maximizing growth, and strength.

One scoop of Wrecked is 21.1 grams. That is more than 99% of the other products on the market. You’re not only getting a great product, but it’s also the best bang for your buck.

The flavor is also amazing. They have Rainbow burst available and I actually enjoyed chugging a scoop of it before hitting the gym. 

Wrecked Pre Workout is available on the HugeSupplements official website. They also carry several other great products such as Laxogenin that you should definitely check out.

Trust me when I say that you won’t find a product that is as stacked as this pre-workout. Definitely give it a try and let me know your thoughts in the comments.

2. Transparent Labs Preseries BULK

Best Pre Workout Of 2019

Taking the second spot on our list of best pre workout supplements is Preseries Bulk by Transparent Labs. It’s a top-rated product because this product is very well-formulated with scientifically backed ingredients.

You’ll find 19 different ingredients in Preseries Bulk. Yep, that’s right – nineteen different ingredients with a huge serving size. 

You’re getting a wide variety of ingredients which is a huge plus when using these types of products.

You’ll find compounds like Citrulline Malate, Caffeine, and BCAA powders in this formula. Each ingredient in this PWO contributes to giving you an awesome workout. 

It also has a potent testosterone support complex to help you optimize testosterone levels. This will help you with gaining muscle, strength, and boosting performance.

In my opinion, Preseries Bulk is a great second choice if you want to get in a proper workout.  I’ll continue to use it since the formula is 100% transparent and you’re getting a quality product.

Make sure to check out my full Preseries Bulk review!

3. Rage

Rage High Stim Enhanced Pre Workout

Coming in third is Rage by Enhanced Athlete. This product is considered to be a high stimulant pre-workout. It has recently been reformulated making it even stronger than it was before.

You’ll now find plenty of high-quality ingredients in this product that have been scientifically proven to boost energy, improve performance, and enhance focus. 

I found Rage to be good for muscle pumps. For me, it was a game-changer when it came to enhancing my workout intensity.

It contains a moderate amount of caffeine so you won’t experience a crash. That means you’ll be able to enjoy a good workout without feeling sluggish afterward.

It’s a great pre-workout for those of you looking for explosive energy, strength, and laser focus without having to worry about a crash afterward.

It’s only available from the official Enhanced website. You won’t find it anywhere else.

4. Amped AF

Coming in fourth place is Amped AF by Steel Supplements. It’s a very strong and potent pre-workout and kicks in very rapidly. When I take it, I usually mix it with a scoop of Pumped AF to get in a solid workout.

I’ll take a scoop of Amped AF when I want to crush a personal record in the gym. It’s a really great product if you’re looking for a temporary strength boost.

I also noticed that it’s very effective for muscle pumps and increasing blood flow. When taking this stuff before your workout, you’re definitely going to enjoy it – trust me on that.

For those of you that have never tried these types of supplements, I would recommend that you start out with just half a scoop of AMPED AF.

It’s very potent compared to other products I have taken. This product can be bought from the official Steel Supplements website. 

5. 4 Gauge Pre-Workout

Next up on our list is the 4 Gauge Pre Workout. It’s a 4 in 1 formula that delivers explosive power and focus. This PWO was tested and researched by fitness professionals and contains potent nutrients to boost performance.

With the help of this best pre workout, you’ll be able to push harder in the gym than ever before. It helps increase energy levels without causing a nasty crash afterward.

You won’t experience any jitters with this product but more of a clean focus and energy rush. If you’re not big on high-stim products we highly recommend giving this pre-workout a try.

It’s also good to know that it doesn’t contain any artificial sweeteners. It’s all natural and you’ll find that it tastes amazing.

6. Total War

Recon1 total war

Total War by RedCon1 is a fast-acting pre-workout formula that has been around for quite a while. It’s extremely popular amongst bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts.

With the help of Total war, you’ll be able to boost your athletic performance. This product will also help you focus on getting the most of your training. I also found it to be great for pumps and euphoria.

The great thing about this product is that it’s available in 15 different flavors. This gives you plenty to choose from and you’re guaranteed to find one that you’ll fall in love with.

All in all, it’s a great value pre-workout that I would highly recommend giving a shot. It’s not extremely strong, I’d say it is more of a moderate PWO when it comes to effectiveness.

This product is available from the official Redcon1 website and many other online retailers such as Amazon.

7. Gorilla Mode

Gorilla Mode Pre Workout

The 7th Spot goes to Gorilla Mode, a powerful and fast-acting PWO formula. This product was designed to optimize intense muscle pumps, energy, and laser focus.

In one serving, you’ll find 9000mg of L-Citrulline, 5000mg of Creatine and 350mg of Caffeine. They are right, Gorilla Mode is packed with some serious power to get your workout going.

The recommended dosage is 2 full scoops. But since it’s extremely powerful, it’s advised to start out with just half a scoop to evaluate tolerance.

But, when you use 2 scoops you’ll go through your bottle quite rapidly. And at $40 a bottle, it can get quite expensive compared to other products on the market.

8. Adabolic

Steel Adabolic

Adabolic does things a bit differently than most products found on our list. With over 30 ingredients, this product can be used as a pre-, intra, and post-workout product.

Designed by a former pro bodybuilder, the formulation was created to help athletes take their performance to the next level.

It will help optimize recovery, muscle glycogen, muscle hardness, and pump. 

It’s a great stimulant-free pre-workout that will help you squeeze in a few extra reps here and there. But more importantly, it really starts working when you need to recover.

I guess you could also say that it’s a muscle-building supplement. Most users will stack it with one serving of Amped-AF (#4 on our list) for maximum results.

Stacking them together will give you one crazy workout, go try it out.

9. Dust V2

Dust V2 pre workout

Next up on our list is Dust V2 by Blackstone Labs. It’s considered to be quite an extreme pre workout because it contains a lot of stimulants.

It’s very strong and within 20 minutes you’ll start feeling the effects. 

It contains the famous stimulant DMHA (Octodrine) which means Dust V2 is very comparable to a DMAA Pre-workout.

You can expect a burst of energy, focus, and strength. You’ll find that it’s a lot easier to push the weights and will most likely increase the reps and sets.

Personally, I like using it every now and then. If you’re sensitive to stimulants it is advised to go with a different product instead.

10. Bucked Up