DMAA Pre Workout: I Reveal The #1 Best PWO On The Market

A DMAA Pre-workout is a PWO supplement containing DMAA (1,3-dimethylamylamine or Methylhexanamine). It was very effective for enhancing workout intensity, focus and strength.

Unfortunately, this popular product has been completely taken off the market a few years ago. This was mainly because of the main ingredient, 1,3-dimethylamylamine.

I used to be a huge fan of these high stimulants pre-workouts. If you’re like me, you’ve probably also been searching for a product that has similar effects.

DMAA Pre Workout

But to be honest most products don’t even come near it. After thorough research, I’ve managed to find a product that works pretty much exactly the same.

Let’s take a look at the most potent alternative that can help you enhance your workouts.

DMAA Pre Workout Alternatives

I’ll cut right to the chase. You guys obviously want a product that is similar to the old DMAA Pre Workout.

Well, the product you are looking for is Amped AF by Steel Supplements.

  • Best DMAA Pre-Workout Alternative
  • Contains Several Potent Stimulants
  • Mimics DMAA Pre-Workout Effects
  • Delivers Explosive Power & Strength
  • Enhance Energy Levels & Endurance
  • Next Level Focus & Concentration
  • Enhance Workout Intensity

This product comes extremely close to the old DMAA formula. I used to be a huge fan of the old Mesomorph, Jack3d and NoxiPro formula’s because they had DMAA and worked like a charm.

Ever since the ban of DMAA, I had been searching for a product that could mimic the effects but after trying over 30 pre-workouts I pretty much gave up.

Until I discovered Amped AF – Wow. They’ve managed to create a similar effect by combining different stimulants I have never seen before. I’m talking about the One3 Blend in particular.


The ingredients in the One3 Blend (Arecoline hydrobromide, Cymbidium Goeringii Extract, and Higenamine) are said to duplicate the effects of DMAA.

On top of these stimulants, you’ll also find the typical pre-workout ingredients such as L-Citrulline, Beta-Alanine, and Betaine Anhydrous to help with pump, strength, and performance.

In my opinion, Amped AF is the closest you are going to get to the old DMAA Pre workout formula. You can also still easily buy it from the official Steel Supplements website.

DMAA Pre Workout: Yes Or No?

I think there are still shady websites out there selling, what they claim to be, DMAA pre workouts. But, because you have no idea what you’re actually buying I suggest staying far, far away from them. It’s also illegal to sell them.

Amped AF will give you the same energy rush, power and focus – Trust me on that. As I previously mentioned, I’ve all of the good stuff that was around years ago.

And the guys over at Steel Supplements have actually taken the time to fill the gap and create a very powerful and high stimulant pre-workout.

I remember the first time I took this DMAA Pre Workout alternative. I took a huge scoop because I’m used to most of the stuff doing next to nothing.

But what came next I definitely wasn’t expecting. Lazer focus, crazy muscle pumps, and explosive strength. The blend found in Amped AF really does mimic the effects of DMAA as many people have told me.

I’ll be honest, I won’t be wasting my money on other products. With this product, I have to take just one normal scoop for crazy effects instead of 2 huge scoops with minimal effects.

To really get a mind-blowing workout in, I’ll stack it with Adabolic.

The Final Verdict

Unfortunately, as with all the good stuff that works, the DMAA pre workout is no longer available.

Luckily for those of us that love strong and effective products, Steel Supplements has created a very similar type of pre-workout.

It’s called Amped AF and it delivers the exact same effects and results. It’s definitely not your typical PWO supplement and I highly recommend all of you to give this stuff a try to see how it compares.

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