Epiandrosterone Review: My Crazy Cycle Results Revealed!

There’s a new generation of prohormones out on the market. One of the compounds is called Epiandrosterone and i’ll be completely honest with you..

This stuff is STRONG.

In this Epiandrosterone review, I’ll share my personal experience and cycle results. I’ll also tell you everything you need to know about using this product for muscle and strength gains.

Epiandrosterone is a new and upcoming prohormone. You might also know it as Epi Andro or 3β-androsterone, 3β-hydroxy-5α-androstane-17-one.

It’s a derivative of Dehydroepiandrosterone, also known as DHEA. When you take this compound, it converts to Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). This is one of the main reasons why it’s so effective.

DHT is known for it’s high androgenic activity. This means that it will help you pack on muscle and strength a lot faster than you would naturally.

Epiandrosterone alternative

If you don’t have time to read this article but want to know what products we recommend for building mass, strength, and power check out Annihilate. It contains a large amount of Laxogenin, a plant steroid.

From my experience, it’s actually better than Epi Andro and doesn’t require any Post Cycle Therapy. It also kicks in extremely fast, meaning you’ll start to see it’s effects within roughly a week.

Experienced lifters can go with the Insanity Stack, it’s extremely potent for gaining size and combines 3 powerful products.

My Epiandrosterone Cycle Results

Unlike many other reviews, you’ll find online, I have actually bought 2 bottles of Epi Andro and ran an 8-week cycle.

I gave this compound a try because I wanted to see how it compared to actual prohormones.

It’s also worth mentioning that I stacked Epi with other supplements to help enhance my workouts and progress.

I used this product during a cut because my goal was to get leaner and to try and build some muscle mass during the process.

Epiandrosterone results

My dosage was 2 tablets per day which come down to about 250mg of Epi Andro. It also contains some other ingredients to create a blend. 

250mg is considered to be low to moderate dosage. I’ve seen many people run up to 300-400mg per day. However, I wanted to see how effective this compound is at low dosages.

It started kicking in very rapidly. I believe I was already noticing the effects after just a week of using it. It was definitely working, but in all honesty, I was expecting more from it because it’s a prohormone like compound and it’s quite expensive.

Epiandrosterone did definitely assist me during my cutting cycle.

Unfortunately, I was not able to get stronger and bigger during these 8 weeks. My weight was lowering and I did get leaner during the cycle, which was obviously my goal.

In my opinion, I think compounds like Epiandrosterone are overrated. They do work, but it really isn’t anything special, especially at the prices they are selling these products.

Once the cycle was over, I used Rebirth PCT for 30 days to help me recover. It’s crucial to use Rebirth as a Post Cycle Therapy because it will help you keep all the gains.

All in all, I think Epiandrosterone is a decent compound. Don’t expect too much from it as there are much better alternatives out there.

I had much better results with the Insanity Stack. That stack helped me gains nearly 10lbs in just four weeks with training hard and eating right.

Epiandrosterone Dosage Information

It’s important to know what the most effective dosage is for this product.

Based on my experience and research, the most optimal dosage to run Epiandrosterone is between 250 to 500mg per day. It’s necessary to spread it into 2 dosages per day. Let’s say your taking 250mg, you take 125mg first thing in the morning and the rest of the dosage 10 hours later.

If you want my advice, start out with a low dosage such as 250mg per day. Once you’re a few weeks into the cycle, you can consider increasing the dosage if you feel comfortable doing so.

But again, don’t expect that miracles will happen with this compound. It’s mild and more used for maintaining muscle than for building muscle.

A typical cycle with Epi Andro will last between 6 to 8 weeks. In my opinion, it isn’t really worth running it for less than 6 weeks.

During the 6 to 8 weeks, you’ll be able to hold onto your muscle mass during a caloric deficit. Long story short, it’s best used for cutting.

Personally, I used 250mg per day for 8 weeks and got some decent results. A longer cycle will definitely require a Post cycle therapy so keep that in mind. For an entire cycle, you’re looking at 200 to 300 USD price-wise.


When using this prohormone during a bulk, it won’t be that great for putting on mass. It works best when cutting, and you’ll have to be training and dieting correctly. Epi Andro, 4-Andro, and 1-Andro are also other legal prohormones.

Honestly, we recommend the Insanity Stack over this compound. With that stack, you’ll be making some serious gains.

You’ll also notice the weights increasing every week. I was pretty much able to set a new record on the bench press, squat, and deadlift every week. Either my weight or the reps increased.

For cutting, you’ll absolutely love Epiandrosterone. As mentioned in my personal cycle experience, it will make sure you stay full and strong even though you are in a caloric deficit.

If your diet and training are in check, you might even be able to build lean muscle mass during a cut.

What About Androvar?

Androvar is a product by Hard Rock Supplements. It contains Epi Andro at 100mg per serving size.

When searching for effective prohormones, you’ll find a lot of products like Androvar.

It’s said to be decent however I haven’t personally used it. It’s hard to say whether or not it’s an effective product.

If you’re looking to get high-quality Epiandrosterone you should buy it from Steel Supplements.

I’ve used them for my previous prohormone cycles and they have various of the legal prohormones available. 

Epi Andro Side Effects

You’re probably wondering whether or not Epi Andro has any side effects. During my cycle, I didn’t experience any side effects. Keep in mind I only used 250mg per day which is considered a low dosage.

I’ve further researched whether or not people have experienced side effects with the use of Epiandrosterone. I found a few users that complained about slight hair loss, nausea, and headaches. 

They weren’t quite sure if it was because of the prohormone. To be honest, I won’t be running it again since I’ve found alternatives that work just as good, if not better, and don’t have any side effects at all.

You will need a post cycle therapy once your cycle is finished. It’s important to use one because you’ll need to speed up recovery. 

Would I Recommend Epiandrosterone?

The cycle I did was alright but I definitely expected more from it. Therefore, I do not recommend using Epiandrosterone.

Remember, it’s my personal opinion and experience and things might be different for you.

I found that products such as Epicatechin, Laxogenin, and Arachidonic Acid work a lot better and they’re natural. You will find these 3 products in the Insanity Stack.

I’m currently running that stack and the gains are amazing. You can buy the stack for just $144.95, which is a lot cheaper than running an Epiandro cycle.

The Final Verdict

The new generation prohormones are a lot less effective than the old stuff. Epiandrosterone is one of the new compounds and we put it to the test by running a cycle.

I’ve used it and had very impressive results. Little to no side effects were experienced during the cycle. However, Post Cycle therapy is required to optimize recovery.

If you do plan on running Epi andro make sure to have a post cycle therapy supplement like Rebirth PCT on hand.

If you don’t use one, you’re at risk of losing your gains and the fact that your testosterone will take longer to recover.

Epiandrosterone Review

Product Name: Epi Andro

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    Increase Muscle Hardness And Fullness - 9.2/10