GenF20 Plus Review: My Mind-Blowing Results After 10 Months!

GenF20 Plus – Should You Get Synthetic HGH? Hope – Try GenF20 Plus Instead

GenF20 Plus may be the most popular natural HGH pill on the internet. There’s a reason for that – you can’t beat these results.

It helps you look younger from the inside out, and helps put an undeniable spring in your stride at pretty much any age!

Believe me, I have a lot to say about this product, so gather ‘round and get cozy. In this GenF20 Plus review, we’re going to look at what you can expect from this product and the potential results.

GenF20 Plus is a natural anti-aging HGH supplement. It’s designed to help your body make more Human Growth Hormone (HGH) – a youthful hormone that regulates your height, hair color, metabolism, muscle tone, and skin condition, among other factors.

HGH tends to peak in your mid-twenties. After that, it declines, at about 1% a year. Yup, that’s 10% each decade – although it can be a lot more than that.

Jumpstart your HGH production every day, and expect benefits associated with HGH, that include:

GenF20 Plus helps you get it back. But there’s a key distinction going on between GenF20 Plus and synthetic HGH. The latter is ‘HGH injections’, which can top $30,000+ per year (and come with some rather creepy side effects).

With GenF20 Plus, you’re telling your body to make HGH on its own. There is no HGH in the formula and it’s not a drug.

It is, however, a highly effective HGH-boosting formula that naturally tells the body to make it on its own, with herbals, botanicals, vitamins, minerals and amino acids known to help gently coax the pituitary gland to do its job and make more HGH once again.

And that is something that this product does very well.

Let me also clarify that GenF20 Plus is a two-part system – a Daily Supplement (pills) and an Oral Spray. You take both daily.

The supplement helps boost your HGH production and the spray helps ‘turbo-charge’ those results, so you get more out of an already powerful formula.

GenF20 Plus Benefits Overview

GenF20 Plus helps your body make HGH regardless of your age. The benefits of that are numerous, for your body and those around you. Benefits associated with HGH include:

I didn’t have any problems with GenF20 Plus. However, it’s important to mention the good and the bad about this product, warts and all. The drawbacks of GenF20 Plus include:

  • A Little Expensive
  • Not Available in Stores
  • Takes At Least 30 Days to See Results

Keep in mind that all health supplements take at least 30 days to deliver results because your body has to process the nutrients in your body. This HGH Booster is no different in that regard, but it’s something to consider.


GenF20 Plus is a natural HGH-boosting formula with proven anti-aging nutrients that help boost HGH.

It’s dosed well and made a huge difference for myself and the people I’ve spoken within the HGH community. Let’s take a look at the ingredients found in this product.

This is an amino acid. Studies show L-Arginine might actually triple your HGH levels, even as you get older. It helps burn fat, helps the immune system, helps fertility and more.

This is another amino acid. It helps with metabolism, cell division, and muscle growth, among other functions.

L Glycine helps stimulate the pituitary gland to make more HGH. As well, it helps calm the brain and plays an important role in the health of the prostate.

This is linked to better immune function. L Lysine makes L Arginine up to 10 times more effective when the two are combined.

Your thyroid gland uses L Tyrosine to boost thyroxine – another vital hormone that helps regulate growth and metabolism.

Astralagus Root pops up a lot in western herbal medicine. It helps metabolism and the immune system. It also appears to improve the functioning of the nervous system.

Deer Velvet Antler is high in collagen-friendly glucosamine and chondroitin. It also has IGF-1 (Insulin-Like Growth Factor-1), which comes before an increase in HGH.

GABA is an amino acid and a powerful one at that. It’s also a neurotransmitter, meaning it helps nerve impulses cross synapses in the brain. GABA is also shown to boost HGH.

This is a form of milk that most mammals make in their late stages of pregnancy. It helps boost immune function, along with increasing muscle mass and may protect your body from some of the effects of aging.

L Valine is a branched-chain amino acid. You need to get it through diet and/or a supplement. You’ll want (and need) to do that though – L Valine helps muscle metabolism, along with tissue growth and maintenance. It also helps maintain nitrogen balance in your body.

This helps make the ingredients in GenF20 Plus more effective. It helps break down fat deposits in the body, which makes it useful against a variety of health conditions, including gallstones, atherosclerosis, liver problems and many other issues that affect people over time.

Studies show that L Ornithine may so much as triple HGH production – especially when combined with other amino acids in the GenF20 Plus formula, like L Arginine and Lysine.

Chromium helps maintain glucose levels. It assists with better weight control, helps with metabolism and boosts energy. Chromium may also help you burn fat – another reason GenF20 Plus customers report it’s easier to lose weight after using it for at least 3 months.

GenF20 Plus Side Effects

I had no side effects with GenF20 Plus and haven’t spoken with anyone who has, either. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t speak with your doctor before using it for the first time. You should – and that’s something you should do before trying any health supplement for the first time, by the way, whether it’s this product or something else.

You should also speak with your doctor before using it if you have a specific health concern or condition, or if you’re currently taking medication.

With that clarified, this product definitely scores points for being made in the United States at a cGMP-compliant facility.

Genf20 plus hgh

That means it’s made domestically (rather than in Asia, which can lead to potentially dangerous and undisclosed toxins in the formula).

GenF20 Plus is made under strict health and safety regulations. That’s a good thing, believe me.

Speak with your doctor before using the product. But barring any specific health issue that would cause a problem, I think you’ll be fine.

My Results With GenF20 Plus

I used GenF20 Plus for about 10 months. While I definitely don’t have the body I did in my twenties, I am otherwise healthy and took it as a test-run, so to speak, to see if it really delivers all the claims I’d heard.

Yes, it does – in a very big way.

I first noticed results with GenF20 Plus after about a month. More than anything, it was my mood that improved. I started to feel better internally, and I had a lot more energy to get things done.

My skin improved too. By about the third month, there’s no question my immune function was better. I didn’t get sick at all while using GenF20 Plus, and that’s a departure for me, considering I tend to succumb to a bug several times each year.

Without getting too graphic, I was also having my share of fun in the bedroom.

Genf20 Plus Results

Realistically, I probably hit my best results with GenF20 Plus after about six months. By that point I had plenty of energy, my skin looked great, the sex drive was firing on all cylinders and that general ‘spring in my step’ was there with a vengeance.

More than anything, though, this product changed my outlook. I was happy to get up every morning. The world was inviting – not a place of doom and despair.

GenF20 Plus delivered more than any other HGH supplement I’ve ever tried. I was a different, and better person, having used it for that time. In my opinion, it’s the best HGH supplement on the market.


GenF20 Plus is definitely on the pricey side. But there’s value here if you know where to look.

Let’s talk more about how to maximize your dollars with GenF20 Plus, both with savings and the time you’ll have with your best results using it.

A month ‘s supply costs $83 – that’s pricey, I agree. But realistically, when you look at this formula, and the fact it’s an empirically coated capsule, which gets you close to 90% ingredient absorption (compared to just15% for a non-enteric capsule), you should be paying twice as much.

Still, you want value with GenF20 Plus. So do yourself a favor and buy a package of at least 4 months. You’ll save $111.93 that way, and get free global shipping – not to mention a better taste of what this formula can do.

A 5 Month Supply saves you $150 and costs just $350. But if you really want value with GenF20 Plus, go for the 6 Month Supply.

That gets you 6 boxes of GenF20 Plus, free global shipping and saves you about $200.

The 6 Month Supply of GenF20 Plus costs $400 – a steal, considering how this product alone will dramatically raise your quality of life.

Also, consider you’ll likely hit your best results with this product around this time. It makes sense to buy a bigger package for that reason.

This is a product you use for your long-term enjoyment of life. Slow and steady wins the raise, and the 6 Month Supply saves you the most cash while you do it.


GenF20 Plus is guaranteed for 67 days. That’s plenty of time to see your first results with this product and return it in the highly unlikely case you don’t fall in love with it.

Where to Buy GenF20 Plus

Buy GenF20 Plus from its official store only. This eliminates the chance you’ll end up buying a fake product.

Yup, counterfeiting does hit popular health supplements, and GenF20 Plus is one of the most popular anti-aging products in the world.

Relax – just click the button above and you’re good.

The Final Verdict

The Final Verdict is in and it’s definitely favorable.

GenF20 Plus is an excellent formula, in a capsule with an enteric coating, and with an Oral Spray with Alpha-GPC, it’s a good value, and most of all, it will single-handedly change your life.

The product has an excellent reputation and is championed by some very prominent figures in the health community.

The study did not measure for a direct increase in HGH.
Individual results may vary.
GenF20 Plus Reviews
  • 9.5/10
    Raise HGH Levels - 9.5/10
  • 9.3/10
    Improve Skin - 9.3/10
  • 8.9/10
    Improves Weight Loss - 8.9/10