Steel Supplements Review: These Products Are Crazy!

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I’ve used many different supplement brands. Some of the products worked whilst some did absolutely nothing. 

But recently, I’ve started using a different brand of products and I have been blown away by the products.

In this Steel Supplements Review, I’ll share my personal experience with the products I’ve used. I’ll also tell you what products will help you build lean mass, strength and boost performance.

I even have a little surprise for you at the end of this review.

If you’re looking to build mass and strength, Steel Supplements has everything you need. I’m not even kidding, these guys have it all.

You’ll find fat burners, pre-workouts, testosterone boosters and they even carry a male enhancement product. They also have premade muscle building stacks to optimize training and sleep.

Steel Supplements Review

Personally, I’m a big fan of the legal prohormones they sell. They are by far the strongest muscle building supplements you’ll find on the market. 

The reason I wrote this Steel Supplements Review is that all of the products contain very effective ingredients. I’ve been using supplements for a long time and these guys are one of the very few companies to take product formulation very seriously.

Allow me to share my personal experience with some of the Steel Supplements products I’ve tried.

Steel Supplements Bodybuilding Product Review

Over the last few years, I’ve used many different products by Steel Supplements. I’ll be completely honest with you, I was very surprised by the effects they had on my progress and performance.

I’ll give you a quick run-through of the various products I have used.


1-Andro is one of my personal favorites. The reason why I love this prohormone is that it’s very effective yet has little to no side effects. 

You’ll experience no water retention or anything like that when using it. It’s the perfect supplement for bulking up and gaining size whilst staying lean.

When using the andro’s, you’ll easily gain 10lbs of lean muscle mass when they are used correctly. You’ll have to take the Alpha AF as a Post Cycle therapy.

Amped AF Pre-Workout

These guys have one of the strongest pre-workout you’ll find, it’s called Amped AF. It reminds me of the old DMAA pre-workouts.

You’ll find many top-notch ingredients such as Yohimbine in this product. If you’re going to use it for the first time, make sure to only take half a scoop because it’s strong stuff.

Not only do they carry Amped AF, but they also have a stimulant-free pre-workout and a pump pre-workout. Typically, I’ll switch between the stimulant and non-stimulant version.

I’ll use Amped AF when I’m feeling fatigued and low on energy yet still want to get a good workout in. When I want to focus on muscle pumps and contraction, I’ll go with Pumped AF.

Rested AF

This product is amazing for sleep. It makes sure you get in a good night’s rest thus allowing your muscles to fully recover.

It’s very important to make sure that your body gets enough rest. It’s probably as important as your training and diet. It’s a great product to stack with the other steel products such as Epiandrosterone.

If you’re not getting enough rest or are struggling with sleep issues, make sure to check out my in-depth Rested AF review.

Shredded AF

Let me start off by saying that this stuff is no joke. It’s one of the most effective fat burners I have used throughout the years.

It not only helps you burn more fat, but it’s also great at suppressing appetite and cravings. It will also keep you energized during a caloric deficit.

Whenever I’m getting ready to cut, I’ll pick up a bottle of Shredded AF to help me suppress my appetite and burn more calories.

I’ll tell you more about the full experience in my Shredded AF review.

Steel Supplements Discount Code

To make sure my followers save some money when buying from STEEL, you can use the discount code SECEC10. This coupon code will help you save 10% on every purchase.

Keep in mind that this Steel Supplements discount code only works for the official website. You can simply apply my discount code on the checkout page. 

Are Steel Supplements Steroids?

No, Steel supplements are not steroids. However, I must say these products do work extremely well.

As I previously mentioned, Steel products are far stronger than anything else you’ll find on the market.  Especially the legal prohormones such as 4-Andro and Epiandrosterone.

And they’re completely safe to use – you won’t have to worry about side effects or anything like that. I mean, what more do you want?

I know, most of you guys are after lean mass and strength. This is why I recommend checking out the Mass Stack.

Should You Buy Steel Supplements?

If you were to ask me, I definitely would recommend purchasing products from Steel Supplements.

And this is coming from somebody who has probably tried over 50 different supplement brands. 

Yes, they might be a bit expensive compared to other supplement companies. But keep in mind guys, you’re getting a properly formulated, quality product in return. 

If you’re looking to speed up your progress I would suggest starting with one of the andro prohormones. I’ve used all of them and they have helped me pack on a significant amount of mass.

Steel Supplements Review: The Final Verdict

I have been very satisfied with the products by Steel Supplements. They are one of a kind and will definitely help you and your physique reach the next level.

Yes, they are quite expensive but I consider them to be worth every penny. High-quality products will give high-quality results.

This concludes my Steel Supplements Review. I’d really appreciate it if you guys would share your experiences with these products in the comments.

Steel Supplements Review

Product Name: Steel Supplements

  • 10/10
    1-Andro - 10/10
  • 9.5/10
    Epiandrosterone - 9.5/10
  • 9.4/10
    Rested AF - 9.4/10
  • 9/10
    Amped AF - 9/10
  • 9.2/10
    Shredded AF - 9.2/10