Superdrol Reviews: This Product Is Crazy STRONG..

Superdrol (Methasterone) is said to belong to the family of prohormones, but it’s actually an androgenic anabolic steroid.

In fact, it’s actually one of the strongest oral steroids out there – you won’t find any compound out there that matches the strength of this oral.

Back in the 2000’s, this compound was being legally sold as a dietary supplement or prohormone. It was available up until 2012 when the FDA decided to ban it and a lot of other compound such as Epistane and Halodrol.

Superdrol Reviews

However, you’ll find that there now is a superdrol clone available. It’s still available and is said to be very effective when it comes to enhancing lean muscle mass and strength.


What To Expect From Superdrol

There’s many things you can expect Superdrol do help with. The main benefit you’ll experience from this compound is enhanced lean muscle mass.

It’s known for packing on size like crazy, I’m not even kidding. A typical cycle will easily help you gain over 10lbs of mass, which is quite impressive when you compare it to other compounds.

It’s even said to be stronger than Anadrol and Dianabol when it comes to gaining size. However, SD is a lot more liver toxic which is why a lot of people steer clear from it.

Superdrol Results

Another reason why this compound is extremely popular is because it’s very effective for increasing strength gains. You’ll start noticing the strength gains within just several days. All your lifts will start shooting up, every single gym session.

Ask anybody that has used Superdrol and they will immediately tell you it’s amazing for gaining strength.

A lot of people also claim that this compound is great for it’s muscle hardening effects and increased vascularity. You’ll appear bigger and fuller whilst running Methasterone.

It’s also worth mentioning that Superdrol greatly speeds up muscle reovery. You’ll be able to handle more workload in the gym as you’ll recover much faster.

Superdrol Cycle Information

The first thing you should know about a superdrol cycle is that it only lasts between 4 to 6 weeks.

This is because it’s very toxic to the liver, you can’t run it any longer. 6 Weeks is already quite long as most users go with 4 weeks tops.

A cycle support is an absolute must when it comes to running this compound. A cycle support will help protect your liver and other organs during the cycle.

With a proper Superdrol cycle, you’ll be able to pack on roughly 10-20lbs of muscle mass. It’s very effective for building size when you run the cycle correctly.

Once your cycle is over, you’ll need a proper Post Cycle Therapy to fully recover. This is mainly because your testosterone levels will have taken a hit from the cycle.

Personally, I don’t use the real version anymore – the Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals clone is much stronger and more effective. It also doesn’t have any side effects.

Superdrol Dosing Protocol

Now that you’re aware of the fact that this compound should only be ran for shorter cycles, it’s time to talk about the superdrol dosing protocol.

It’s important to know that Methasterone is very potent, even at low dosages of just 10mg per day. 

You’ll find that most bodybuilders run it at 10 to 20mg per day. This is more than enough to get the effects most are after.

Keep in mind that the higher the dosage, the more stress you put on your organs. Remember guys, it’s better to be safe than sorry so start out with a low superdrol dose.

You’ll find that it kicks in extremely fast – within just 1 to 2 hours. Strength, vascularity and muscle hardness will increase very rapidly.

Dosing has to be done twice a day since Superdrol has a half life of 8 to 12 hours.

Especially if you’re planning on running Superdrol for longer, you should consider using a low dosage. Trust me when I say that a long cycle at a high dosage can be dangerous.

Superdrol Side Effects

Methasterone is very toxic to the liver and other organs. This means it can be very dangerous when it’s used for too long. It’s also one of the main reasons you’ll only see bodybuilders run it for just several weeks.

Besides that, it can also cause the following side effects..

  • Increased Blood Pressure
  • Hair Loss
  • Testosterone Suppression
  • Acne

These are just a few examples of the many negative side effects it can cause. If you do plan to run the real deal, make sure to purchase a cycle support product.

Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals Superdrol

Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals Superdrol is currently one of the strongest prohormones on the market. It’s not the same Superdrol that was around a few years back, but it’s a potent clone with many benefits.

Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals superdrol

With this product, you’ll experience enhanced mass, strength and performance gains within just several days. It also doesn’t require a cycle support product because it’s not liver toxic.

Personally, I’m a big fan of Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals Superdrol since it’s one of the few prohormones that actually works.

When it’s used correctly, it’s easy to gain 10lbs of mass during a cycle. This might not be as much as with real Methasterone, but this product doesn’t have any serious side effects. This means you can run it safely and focus on gaining size.

Superdrol For Sale

A lot of people have asked me for reliable places that have superdrol for sale.

Unfortunately, the real deal is no longer available as I previously mentioned. You might find some underground labs that have it for sale, but who knows what they might be selling.

Your much better off buying the new Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals clone since it’s also very strong.

I’ve used it several times and the strength of this product is quite amazing. You can purchase it from

In my opinion, they are the only reliable place that have superdrol for sale. It’s also extremely effective for enhancing muscle gains and strength but has a lot of less side effects.