TestRX Review: The #1 Best Testosterone Booster You Can Buy?

Are you tired of busting your ass in the gym, only to see your results diminishing month by month? Well, you’re not alone. 

Once most men hit their thirties, they’re finding it more and more challenging to keep the weight off and pack the muscle on. And the reason for this is declining testosterone levels. 

To combat the detrimental effects of declining testosterone levels, you need to find yourself the best testosterone booster on the market. After a good bit of research, we think that might be TestRX.

TestRX is an all-natural male enhancement supplement created and distributed by Leading Edge Health.

8Expert Score
More Energy More Stamina and More Strength

This company has been making high-end supplements for over twenty years and is well known in the industry for its focus on using quality ingredients in proper dosages. Their TestRX testosterone boosting supplement is no different. Leading Edge Health hired the best doctors and researchers in the field to formulate this daily supplement with key ingredients that are clinically proven to boost the body’s ability to produce more testosterone naturally

Mood Increase
Energy Levels Increase
Sex Drive Increase
Sleep Improvement
Muscle Gain
Positive Highlights
  • Boosts Sexual Performance &
  • Increases Confidence!
  • Packs on Muscle Fast &
  • Improves Gym Recovery Time
  • Improves Skin Quality
  • Comes with 60 Days Guarantee which lets you measure real results
  • Improved Weight Loss &
  • Lean Muscle Mass

If you’re tired of the expanding waistline, the lackluster results at the gym and feeling wore out after even moderate exercise, using TestRX to boost your testosterone levels can help.

Should I Use TestRX?

Declining testosterone levels in men can have a devastating effect on our physical, mental, and sexual health. And, unfortunately, it only gets worse as we age. Researchers estimate that men lose 1% of their testosterone per year, starting at age 30. 

At that rate, we’ll have 20% less testosterone at age 50 than we did at age 30. That is the best-case scenario and assumes we’re maintaining a healthy weight, eating right, and exercising regularly during those 20 years.

Not maintaining a healthy lifestyle can accelerate our testosterone loss. If you’re overweight and lead a sedentary lifestyle, your testosterone levels could drop by up to 50% by the time you hit 50. That’s why it is so vital to deal with declining testosterone levels before it’s too late. 

Taking a testosterone booster, like TestRX, while you’re still younger, will ensure that you maintain healthy testosterone levels as you age. 

If you wait until you start to notice the adverse side effects of testosterone loss, even the best testosterone booster will have to work for months to boost your depleted testosterone levels back to where they need to be.

How TestRX Can Help You

Even though most of the best testosterone boosters market themselves as weight loss and muscle building supplements, boosting testosterone levels has so many more benefits than that.

Boosting T-levels can improve our physical, mental, and sexual health in many different ways.

Boosted T-Levels Improves Physical Health

Declining testosterone levels can negatively affect our physical appearance. Low T-levels are responsible for:

  • Hair Loss
  • Weight Gain
  • Loss of Muscle Mass
  • Reduced Strength
  • Weakened Bones
  • Breast Tenderness

By boosting our T-levels, we can reverse some of this damage. Boosted testosterone can help us to burn fat and build lean muscle.2 And, according to a clinical study published in the peer-reviewed Journal of the American Medical Association, boosted testosterone levels “significantly increased volumetric bone mineral density and estimated bone strength in men aged 65 years and older”.3

Unfortunately, boosting testosterone levels can’t make hair regrow, but it can slow hair loss.

This is one of the many reasons supplementing with a testosterone booster, such as TestRX, is so important for younger men. Keeping T-levels stable as you age can significantly delay hair loss.

It’s also advised to stack this product with legal steroids or estrogen blockers to enhance results.

Boosted T-Levels Improves Mental Health

Recent research has confirmed that low testosterone can also affect our mental health. Low levels of testosterone can cause:

  • Insomnia
  • Mood Swings
  • Depression
  • Poor Memory
  • Lack of Concentration

These negative side effects of testosterone loss are reversible, though. In a study published in JAMA Psychiatry, researchers reviewed 27 clinical studies involving nearly 2000 men and concluded that boosting testosterone levels “was associated with a significant reduction of depressive symptoms”.4

In another study, men who were aged 52 to 79 who had their testosterone boosted to the same levels as younger men “experienced significant improvements in verbal and spatial memory compared to those in the control group”.5

Boosted T-Levels Improves Sexual Health

For men, testosterone is the most important hormone for sexual health. Low testosterone levels can wreak havoc on our sex lives and are responsible for:

  • Erection Problems
  • Decrease Sex Drive
  • Smaller Penis & Testicles
  • Low Semen Volume

Boosting testosterone levels, though, can help to address these issues. Erectile problems are usually caused by two issues; poor blood flow or loss of testosterone.6

If your erectile issues are caused by low testosterone levels, research has shown that boosting these levels can help men with erection problems.

In one clinical study regarding erection problems and low sex drive, researchers determined that men who are able to boost their testosterone levels have improved sex lives “most notably improved libido and improved erectile function”.7

Low T-levels are directly related to low semen volume. By boosting testosterone levels, your body is able to produce more semen, which is responsible for more intense orgasms as well as boosting fertility.

There are also several supplements designed to help increase semen amount and volume. Check out our Semenax and Volume Pills reviews to learn more.

For an instant boost in sexual performance, libido and erection quality consider using VigRX Plus or Male Extra prior to intercourse.

Are The Results From TestRX Immediate?

Like all male enhancement pills, TestRX needs time for its ingredients to build up in your system and trigger testosterone production.

Initial results, such as increased energy and improved sex drive, can be seen in the first 4-6 weeks. Weight loss, muscle growth, and improved strength usually start to happen at around weeks 8-12.

The good news is that these results are progressive. The longer you supplement with TestRX, the better your results will be.

After six months of supplementation, you will have turned your body into a testosterone-producing machine, and you’ll be able to experience all of the benefits associated with that.

Also make sure to check out other products such as TestogenTesto Max or Testofuel.

TestRX Ingredients

TestRX is formulated with seven all-natural vitamins, minerals, and herbs. Each of these ingredients is known to help boost testosterone production in men.

These ingredients include:

  • Vitamin D3 – A study was conducted in 2011 to test the effects of Vitamin D3 on testosterone levels in men. In this study, 65 overweight men with low testosterone levels were given either a Vitamin D3 supplement or a placebo for one year. At the end of the year, the group taking the Vitamin D3 supplements showed a 25% increase in testosterone levels, while the placebo group showed no improvement.
  • Vitamin K2 – A 2011 study on Vitamin K2 and testosterone concluded that subjects that were given a diet high in K2 showed improved testosterone levels after five weeks as opposed to subjects given a diet low in K2.
  • Vitamin B6 – A study conducted in 1984 showed that subjects with a vitamin B6 deficiency showed decreased levels of testosterone as opposed to subjects who supplemented with Vitamin B6.8
  • Magnesium – In a study conducted in 2010, researchers concluded that supplementing with magnesium for four weeks improved testosterone levels in both active and inactive men.9
  • Zinc – A study on the effects of zinc on testosterone production concluded that men who supplemented with zinc daily showed increased levels of free testosterone in their bodies.
  • D-Aspartic Acid – In a study on the effects of D-aspartic acid and testosterone production, researchers concluded that men aged 27–43 who supplemented with D-aspartic acid for 90 days experienced a 30–60% increase in testosterone.10
  • Fenugreek Seed Extract – In a double-blind study on the effects of Fenugreek Seed Extract and testosterone, 49 men were split into two groups. One group was given 500mg of Fenugreek Seed Extract daily, and the other group was given a placebo. At the end of eight weeks, it was determined that the group taking Fenugreek Seed Extract had higher levels of testosterone than the placebo group.Researchers also determined that “Fenugreek extraction had a significant impact on both upper- and lower-body strength and body composition in comparison to placebo in a double-blind controlled trial.”11

ZMA Clinical Studies

In addition to the ingredients in TestRX working individually to boost testosterone production, research has indicated that they work synergistically, also.

The zinc, magnesium, and B6 in TestRX form a compound called ZMA. In 2000 researchers concluded that giving athletes ZMA daily for seven weeks significantly increased both testosterone and Human Growth Hormone (HGH) levels.

For further HGH increases, try adding HGH supplements into your daily regime.

Is TestRX Safe?

The all-natural ingredients in TestRX are considered safe for daily use, even in long-term supplementation, and there has been no user reported adverse side effects.

In addition, TestRX is manufactured in the USA in the same Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) compliant facilities that prescription medications are manufactured in.

This ensures that each bottle of TestRX meets or exceeds cGMP regulations, which are enforced by the FDA.

Is TestRX Guaranteed to Work?

Yes. If you are unhappy with TestRX for any reason, simply return your unused portion within 67 days for a full refund.

Here are the pros and cons so you can decide for yourselves whether or not you want to give this product a try.

  • Easy and Discreet to Purchase
  • No Needles
  • No Stacking or Cycling
  • 100% Legal
  • No Prescriptions Needed
  • No Prescriptions Needed
  • Results Diminish if You Stop Using It
  • Can be Pricey (buying in bulk brings the price down)
  • Must be Taken Everyday to See Results

How to Purchase TestRX

TestRX isn’t available in stores or pharmacies. The only place to purchase TestRX is directly through the manufacturer’s website.

The price starts at about $2\day for a 1-month supply. Buying a 6-month supply, though, brings the price down considerably.

Final Verdict

We’ve reviewed numerous testosterone boosters and male enhancement supplements.

Based on it’s optimally dosed formula, clinically proven ingredients, as well as its manufacturer’s track record in the industry, we feel confident in naming TestRX one of the best testosterone booster on the market today.

If you’re looking to boost your sex drive, shed unwanted weight, and pack on lean muscle mass, TestRX can help you get there


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