Epicatechin Bodybuilding 101: Is It Truly Effective?

Epicatechin is an ingredient that has started to become very popular for bodybuilding. The reason why many people have started Epicatechin Bodybuilding is simple…

It’s said to help enhance muscle mass, strength, and performance in a safe way. Yep, that’s right – it is a safe and natural muscle builder. We all know that there aren’t many of those!

In this guide, we’re going over everything you need to know about Epicatechin. For those of you that want gains without having to worry about side effects, make sure to keep reading.

What Is Epicatechin?

Epicatechin is a naturally occurring antioxidant flavonoid that is found in cocoa, tea, and apples. For example, it’s the main ingredient found in dark chocolate.

But what makes this ingredient so special is that recent research has shown that it might function as a muscle growth agent. 

Besides that, it’s might also have several other interesting health benefits. Based on my research, it’s very beneficial for bodybuilders looking to enhance performance in a natural way.

But, to get enough epicatechin into your system extra supplementation is required. When you take a supplement, you’ll get enough into your system to experience its muscle-building effects.

Epicatechin Benefits

Let’s move on to the part most of you came for – the benefits of Epicatechin. I’ve done a lot of research on this ingredient and have found many positive reviews when I was gathering information.

Below I will cover all the benefits you will experience when taking this supplement.

– Increased Nitric Oxide Production

Having more Nitric Oxide in your body will help with relaxing your inner muscle and expending the blood vessels. This can have many benefits like having a better blood flow for insane muscle pumps and boost your overall exercise performance.

It will also help with lowering your blood pressure and may help with type 2 diabetes.

– Increases Skeletal Muscle

A study showed that epicatechin supplementation reduced mysostatin by 15% and 21%, which leaded to more muscle mass in both old and young mice. The human study also showed that after 7 days of supplementation the hand grip strength increased by 7%.

– Powerful Antioxidant

Epicatechin consist of a very high concentration of antioxidant. This is not just good for your overall health but also for the muscle-building process. It will help you recover faster from excessive exercise.

– Enhanced Endurance

A study done on mice showed that the group who took epi had a way bigger running capacity and could run for a longer period. The dosage they took was about 1.0 mg/kg of body mass twice daily.

As you can see, epicatechin has some very beneficial benefits for building muscle and overall exercise performance. It has the ability to gain your lean muscle mass and also improve your endurance, which means you can train heavier and longer.

Epicatechin Side Effects

The amazing thing about this product is that it’s a completely natural extract and has been researched for many years.

There are not much side-effects associated with using epicatechin. I personally never noticed any adverse effects. If we take a look at the studies you will see that all subjects never mentioned anything negative when they took a cycle of epi.

It would be safe to say that this Epicatechin is safe to take and actually only has benefits in stead of side effects. In this study the researched found that it was completely safe for human consumption.

Always keep in mind to not exceed the recommended dosages mentioned on the package.

Epicatechin For Bodybuilding

Epicatechin is often used in bodybuilding because it will help you with gaining lean muscle mass. I’ve tried multiple products with Epi, and it always helped me much with either getting amazing pumps and lean muscle mass.

Epi is often referred to as a ‘natural steroid‘ because it is a natural plant extract. Studies found out that it could reduce myostatin and improve skeletal muscle mass.

Myostatin is a natural growth blocker in the human body that prevents you from gaining unlimited amounts of muscle. For example, gorillas have a very low quantity of myostatin and, therefore, can increase an insane amount of muscle.

You also have synthetic products like YK-11 and ACE-031 that are made specifically to reduce myostatin in the human body. However, they carry a lot of side-effects compared to Epi.

Epicatechin is a very popular alternative to prohormones, sarms, or oral steroids since it has no side-effects and is perfectly fine to take by man and women.

It’s also a very good product to stack with, for example epicatechin with laxogenin is an amazing combination to gain a good amount of muscle naturally.

Best Epicatechin Supplement

There are lots of different epicatechin supplements on the market however, not all of them contain the best dosages or extract them from the right sources.

I’ve found that EpiTech by Huge Nutrition is the best epicatechin supplement on the market.

One bottle of EpiTech consists of 250mg high-quality epicatechin, which has never been seen before. b Another thing, they added many other ingredients that will improve absorption like Bioperine and Astragin.

If you are serious about looking to gain some serious muscle that this product is something for yours.

The Final Verdict

9.8Expert Score
Epicatechin Bodybuilding Works Very Effectively

The studies about this product don’t lie. They have proven that this product works, and it works very effectively as well. You can expect to gain a solid amount of muscle tissue in just one cycle.
I’ve been looking at reviews online and I have yet to find one negative review about this supplement.
it’s strongly advised to try out Epitech since it’s, in my opinion, the best epicatechin supplement on the market.

Muscle Gains
Enhance Recovery
Boost Vascularity
Improved Endurance
Positive Highlights:
  • Increased Skeletal Muscle
  • #1 Natural Steroid
  • Inhibits Myostatin
  • No Side Effects, Backed By Science

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