LGD 4033 Review: Is Ligandrol The Best SARM Out There? [NEW]

What Is LGD 4033 (Ligandrol)?

LGD 4033 or Ligandrol belongs to a group of Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (SARMs). It was developed by a pharmaceutical company called Ligand Pharma, hence the name.

As with many of the other SARMs, it was also developed to help treat various medical conditions, mainly muscle wasting diseases. It is very effective at building lean muscle mass and preventing muscle loss.

There is a lot of research available on Ligandrol and the results have been promising. This is why it’s become one of the more popular performance enhancers.

Due to it’s muscle building capabilities, many bodybuilders and gym rats have started using this compound. Primarily to help them enhance muscle and strength gains.

LGD 4033 Results & Benefits

The selective androgen receptor modulator LGD-4033 is extremely effective when it comes to enhancing performance. You’ll find that most users use this compound to bulk up and gain size.

Let’s take a look at what this SARM has to offer!

Increased Lean Muscle Mass

One of the main reasons people research with this compound is because it’s one of the most effective SARMs for gaining lean mass. It directly targets the androgen receptors in the muscles and bones.

Clinical studies have shown it to be extremely effective when it comes to building muscle. Even at low dosages this compound is capable to pack on size fast.

It’s often compared to RAD140 because it packs on muscle very rapidly.

I’ve used many different SARMs but found Ligandrol to give the most impressive results. It really shines when you are bulking up and in a caloric surplus. When it is used correctly, you can expect impressive results.

It’s not unheard of to gain anywhere from 10 to 15lbs of muscle tissue during a cycle.

A lot of users also claim that the compound helps them appear fuller and harder throughout the cycle. This means that you could also experience increased muscle hardness and vascularity.

Strength Gains

Many users have reported significant strength gains whilst researching with LGD 4033. The compound takes 1 to 2 weeks to fully kick in and from there you can notice your strength increasing.

This means that you’ll be able to push more weight in the gym. Training heavier will allow you to break down more muscle fibres which will also stimulate growth.

Not only will the weights increase but you will also be able to increase the sets and reps. Many users report that Ligandrol significantly enhances their workout intensity.

Enhanced Recovery

Another benefit you could experience from researching with this compound is enhanced recovery. A lot of users swear by LGD 4033 for speeding up recovery.

This means that you’ll be able to handle more workload due to the fact that your muscles will recover a lot faster.

Recovery plays a huge role in the muscle building process which is why it’s extremely important to take rest seriously. A lot of bodybuilders increase the intensity when cycling Ligandrol because they recover more rapidly.

Maintain Muscle Mass

LGD 4033 is also great for maintaining muscle mass. Just as with Ostarine, it will help you keep your muscles hard during a caloric deficit. This means you won’t have to worry about whether or not you will be losing size during a cut.

However, most users seem to prefer this compound for bulking instead of cutting. 

LGD 4033 Dosage Information

As with many of the other SARMs, LGD 4033 is also very potent. So when considering how much LGD 4033 to take, think low dosage for significant progress with a low dosage.

The clinical studies show us that LGD 4033 dosages of 1mg per day already result in significant lean muscle gains. 

Based on my research and anecdotal experiences, the most effective LGD 4033 dosage is between 5mg to 10mg per day.

You’ll find that some users use a higher dosage but this might lead to potential side effects. When using a higher dosage than 10mg per day, testosterone suppression will also increase. 

Ligandrol has a half-life of roughly 30 hours. This means that you can simply dose it once per day to maintain stable levels in the system.

I have personally researched with this compound and started out with 5mg per day. In my opinion, this was a great starting dosage because it’s still very strong even at a low dosage. 

It is important to know that I buy SARMs from Crazybulk. By doing so, I knew that my product was real and strong.

I never went any higher than 10mg per day because there was no need. With 5 to 10mg a day you’ll be able to pack on a lot of size and strength.

You’ll find that many users also stack this compound with other SARMs such as Testolone or Andarine. The opinions on stacking SARMs are mixed.

Personally, I found stacking it with MK-677 to be very effective. It’s extremely potent for improving recovery and muscle mass.

It’s very effective for gaining size but you might experience more side effects.

LGD 4033 Before And After

You’ll find many reviews online with before and after pictures. In my opinion, it’s one of the best Selective androgen receptor modulators out there. 

Let’s take a look at a typical LGD 4033 before and after and how to achieve similiar results.

When it’s used correctly and combined with a good diet and training routine, you can make amazing progress.

The guy in this before and after picture gained a solid amount of lean muscle mass whilst also appearing a lot leaner. You can see the muscle fullness and hardness whilst on Ligandrol.

LGD 4033 Cycle

A cycle with Ligandrol is generally between 6 to 10 weeks. If you haven’t researched this compound before, it’s advised to start out with a 6 or 8-week cycle at a moderate dosage.

More experienced users will usually run it for 8 to 10 weeks at a higher dosage. Since it takes roughly 1 to 2 weeks to fully kick in, it isn’t really worth running it for less than 6 weeks.

It is recommended to have a SARMs PCT on hand for after the cycle. You might be suppressed which could result in losing your gains which you obviously don’t want happening.

This is why it’s always advised to stock up on an over the counter PCT product, preferably Rebirth PCT. It’s by far one of the most effective products to help you recover from your SARMs cycle.

You simply start it directly after you’ve finished the cycle is. You take 6 capsules each day for 30 days to help your testosterone levels bounce back.

Rebirth PCT by Huge Nutrition can be found here.

Ligandrol Side Effects

Compared to Steroids and ProhormonesLigandrol doesn’t have a lot of side effects. SARMs are selective in their actions meaning they have little side effects when used correctly.

The most mentionable side effect when using this compound is testosterone suppression. When the cycle is over, your test levels will have taken a hit and will need help with recovering.

Other side effects can include nausea, low energy, headaches, and low libido. Many of these side effects might be caused by decreased testosterone.

This is where Post cycle therapy is required. You’ll probably need one to fully recover from the cycle. Our advice is to use Rebirth PCT as it contains high-quality ingredients to help speed up recovery.

I’ve used Ligandrol several times and have yet to experience any side effects when using it.

Always make sure to buy your SARMS from reputable sources like CrazyBulk or BrutalForce which are 100% legal and safe– we can’t stress it enough how important this is.

LGD 4033 For Sale or Where to buy LGD-4033

From all the vendors I’ve tried, I found Crazybulk to be the best place to buy LGD 4033.

I’ve personally put them to the test and they are currently my #1 vendor that have SARMs For Sale.

They have third-party results showing that they are selling real SARMs. This is very important guys – you don’t want to end up with a fake product that can potentially harm your health.

You can get a bottle of LGD4033 from CrazyBulk just $46 when you buy 3 months supply.

If you’re looking for a legitimate place that has LGD 4033 for sale, definitely check out CrazyBulk or BrutalForce

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